Retail Construction

Your retail location is where you serve and interact with customers on a daily basis. It is the face of your brand and the source of your livelihood. We seek to provider retailers with a quality, all-in-one solution to retail construction and renovation.

Since 2012 Beltan Properties has worked with several commercial and retail construction clients from across the Southeastern United States. Each project has a new scope of expectations, which we continue to meet and exceed with the help of our team of construction and design professionals. Through the years, we have streamlined our process with quality-enhancing value engineering practices that keep our builds on schedule and on budget.

Running a business is stressful enough without having to find a designer, contractor and other specialized professionals to build your store. This is where Beltan Properties steps in. We take the stress out of the retail construction process with our comprehensive services that include design, architecture, general contracting, build out and construction management. With Beltan, you won’t have to worry about hiring the right person for each individual job because we will manage your entire project from beginning to end.